This was the main index doc for a self-study Intro to Common Lisp class conducted between May and July of 2012. Weekly meet-ups were held in the SDF commode LISP room (logs).

An Introduction to Common Lisp Class

Below are the specifics for the 8 week SDF-based introductory Common Lisp class. The exercises for the upcoming week will be posted approximately each Monday in the SDF commode(1) lisp common room. The class is open to all SDF members; for access to the Common Lisp interpreters normally reserved for MetaARPA members see below.

Access to Common Lisp Interpreters:
SDF has the clisp(1) and ecl(1) Common Lisp interpreters available for MetaARPA members. For those who aren't MetaARPA, access can be granted for the duration of the class; let me know if you need access via bboard(1)>GENERAL or some other method. Please see the FAQ>TEACH>02 for how to augment your PATH variable.

Syllabus: lisp_class-syllabus.txt

Handouts for the An Introduction to Common Lisp Class

Misc Notes, plus Tips for Vim and the Clisp/ECL Interpreters:

Marty Hall's Common Lisp Reference Materials:

These are all single page references that can be printed. I converted the original postscript (PS) versions to PDF for easy of use.

Additional materials at

Common Lisp On-line: